What is a Picture Worth?

When all of the stir began among my colleagues across the nation after the comments from the ladies of The View, I posted some thoughts as a picture on a prior blog post.  However, since then – a community of nurses has come together to support each other and our great profession.  One example is a Facebook group called “Show Me Your Stethoscope” with over 800,000 nurses dialoguing with each other there. The type of posts range from infamous MEMEs, to New Grad Nurses celebrating passing boards, to straight up comedy (that probably only nurses would get), to beautiful personal photos.

One photo that caught my eye was posted in the ” Show Me Your Stethoscope” group by Tami Sturdivant Jones.  It is an old photograph of her Great Aunt praying in a chapel in Brussels, Belgium while serving as a nurse in World War II.  Even though my original post with the generic clipart stethoscope seemed to speak to the hearts of many nurses, I believe this beautiful photograph better depicts the heartbeat of the Nursing Profession:  We have a calling, not just a job.  This photograph is truly priceless.  Thank you, Tami, for sharing it with us.

praying nurse

I’m Ditchin’ the Pity Party…. Join me??

I’m ditchin’ the Pity Party.

I have better things to do then to sit around and focus on things I have no control over.

What do you think life looks like when you approach it from a victor’s mentality rather than from a victim’s mentality?  Click the “Leave a Reply” link toward the bottom of this page to give your “two cents”.

victor or victim

Today, I choose not to let my circumstances dictate my joy.  Join me?

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Starting Out by Chiming In: My View on The View’s View of Nursing

Well….  I actually had something else in mind for my first blog post.  But because I’m a nurse who started wearing a stethoscope around my neck when I became a CNA at age 16, I can’t resist chiming in with my own “view” about all the hub-bub that’s been going on in the nursing world since the ladies of The View gave their feedback on Miss Colorado’s Monologue during the recent Miss America pageant.  And it actually does go along with what I was planing to write about:  having a purpose….  having a calling.  So I’ll simply state my view with these few words:

nursing calling 09182015