Who am I?

Someone who’s decided to jot a few notes along life’s road as l learn to live life from a new perspective.  I’ve lived much of my life trying to be who I thought others wanted or needed me to be.  And somewhere along the way the “real Tracy” was lost in the shuffle leading to major battles including codependency (a.k.a. “approval addiction”) and seasons of severe depression.

But I am now on an amazing journey to rediscover my self, my God, my joy, and healthy relationships. I love the movement going on now for suicide prevention that uses the semicolon symbol as a reminder that our stories aren’t over. But I find that symbol by itself not quite enough for me. That’s why I created a symbol (my “one of these days” tattoo) that has the semicolon right smack in the center of the Alpha and Omega symbols – representing my amazing God whose story has no beginning or end. What is keeping me going is the fact that my story is not solo but is wrapped up in HIS story…. a larger and eternal one. And within that story our beautiful connections with God and other people He has lovingly designed. And in that light, the more challenging chapters of my story can be read with hope and purpose.

I have a feeling I’m not the only one finally learning to move toward who I already am: the person who God lovingly designed me to be in the first place.  So If you decide to join me along the way by following this blog – I’m happy to have you along to “Live & Learn” with me….

Becoming Who I Already Am,

heart smile sig


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