Just in Case Anyone Else Needs a #PerspectiveReset

When it feels like people are asking more than you have after you have already given so much, God will empower you to give more than you thought was possible while blessing you to overflow. Rest in HIM and HiS example and you’ll realize no one can ever demand of you more than HE has already given. When I need to regain perspective about how others treat me or how I treat others, Philippians 2 is my “go to” chapter of the Bible when I find my attitude being pulled in the wrong direction. It’s like a #PerspectiveResetButton.

From MESS to Masterpiece (or, “From MESS to the Master’s Peace”)

Perhaps we think we deserve the mess we’re in because we helped make the mess. Perhaps we falsely believe we have to clean up the mess and THEN invite God into our situation. But the truth is, our Father God is longing to be near us in the midst of… whatever. But He is a gentleman will not enter our situations uninvited. But when we let Him into our mess, we will be amazed by the masterpiece that results.