Something about That NAME!


So much change in this world – that’s a fact. But the stronger fact is that the God who created this world is greater and stronger than ANY change. He is so great, in fact, that not just one Name can describe Him. There are so many Names of God in the Bible. And each Name is a reflection of a facet of Who He Is. And I’m thinkin’ that at least one of those Names meets you right at that point of your need right now. These wonderful Names are throughout the bible, but here’s a link to a great little resource. It’s a printable calendar with 30 Names of God so you can wrap yourself up in who God is by focusing on a different name of God each day.

30 names 30 daysAnd I’ve also put together a YouTube mix of some old and new favorite songs of mine that help me focus in on the Names of God. It’s hard to stay “down” while singing along with these. It helps the most shaken and lonely parts of your soul remember who HE is. And sometimes… that’s all we need to playlist pic template 

The Expertise of the Maker

When my Jeep needs work, I prefer to take it to my “Jeep Guy” because he is not only a great mechanic, but an expert in Jeeps who was trained by the manufacturer.  It just makes more sense to take “Jeepers” to someone who, given the right parts, can build a Jeep from the ground up. (Yes, I  name my vehicles and sometimes have long conversations with them…. Don’t judge me).

It makes sense for us when something in our physical life needs repair or maintenance to take it to the manufacturer or someone trained by the manufacturer for that specific product. In fact, some manufacturers will not honor the warranty on their product if you do otherwise.  It simply makes sense that the designer of thing is best equipped to get that thing back into its optimal state.

So why do I – and perhaps you, too – often go to everyone but our Designer when something is “off” in our own bodies, spirits, or lives? A line in the Bible “jumped off the page” (or, rather the iPhone screen) for me this morning and got me thinking about all this. Because, really… “Shouldn’t people go to their God for help”?  HE designed us and know better than anyone how to heal, direct, sustain, and protect us. Yes, He may and does use many others, from friends to physicians, in our healing process. But we should go to the HIM first rather than the THEM! And just like my “Jeep Guy” might refer me out to a specialist for some types of work (like when I am able to have her transformed into a giant Jeep with big tires that can drive through 4 feet of mud without getting stuck), I will still go to him first for direction. 

So let’s operate in the same mindset with something a whole lot more valuable, timeless, and irreplaceable than a vehicle. Let’s go to our Maker first.  Because as Tasha Cobbs Leonard said in this incredible YouTube Clip of a worship service she led, “All the strength and the peace and the joy that you need is at the feet of Jesus.” 

“The people will say, ‘Go to the fortunetellers and wizards who mumble and chirp like birds. Ask them what to do.’ But I say, ‘Shouldn’t people go to their God for help? Why go to the dead to get help for the living?'” – Isaiah 8:19 ERV (Holy Bible: Easy-to-read Version)

Crafted Together for HIS Glory

So, this verse came up in my Bible reading today. And, as I often do when something moves me, I #GoogleIt. (I know…. you were expecting something deep like meditate or prophesy. But, no. You got Google 😉). 
My Google search led me to the picture of the lovely crown you see here. But this picture became more meaningful because as I was Googling, I was listening to a prayer call by incredible inspirational teacher and Amazing Church #WorshipPastor, Barbara Calloway. She was talking about the #HolySpirit and specifically the importance of #unity.

Here’s something she said: “Break out of your comfort zone and decide you are going to be unified together”. As words and thoughts of unity hung in the early morning air, I continued to stare at the picture on my screen. As I looked at the beautiful crown, I realized that – although a pile of diamonds would be a site to behold – this artistic work of jewelry is so amazing and even more valuable because the individual stones have been crafted together into one beautiful masterpiece. 

In the same way that the uncrafted pile of diamonds was easy and effort-free, the introverted and conflict-avoiding version of me finds it easier to stay a “lone diamond” capturing a little glimmer of my Father’s light all on my own. But if I press through past the awkward seasons and difficult conversations that are eventually and inevitably part of every healthy relationship, how much more beauty, value, and #GodLight will be reflected in the unified whole of so many different and precious individuals! I think we’ll find it worth the effort. And I think we already know that our God is so very worthy of being crowned with our beautiful unity.

A Mother’s Day Confession

So…. I have a confession to make. In recent years I’ve not been much of a fan of Mother’s Day. You see, my beautiful Mother has been in Heaven several years now and my husband and I have no children. It’s not that we didn’t want kids – just never had any. Because of all that…. my typical take on Mother’s Day has been, “Please…. can we just get this OVER with. STOP already with the reminders of what I no longer have and what I’ll never be!!!”. But this year is different. I am actually looking forward to Mother’s Day. Let me tell you why….

God has been talking to me a lot lately about value and purpose – through my small group at church, through friends, through life circumstances – lots of different ways. And the main theme of His Father’s #HeartTalk to me has been that I am loved, valued, and have purpose not because of what I’ve done or haven’t done, who I’ve birthed… or haven’t birthed. But I am loved, valued, and have purpose because I am the lovingly designed masterpiece of the greatest Artist/Creator of all time – well, of all eternity, actually. And He created me to have just the right and needed impact in my place and space in the world. And that place and space may not look like what I envisioned it to be in my younger days (a house full of kids and running a mission hospital in some far away land) – but I am truly where I am now “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).

And, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the upcoming Sunday Worship Experience at my Amazing Church is based on that #BibleStory about #QueenEsther and themed #YouWereMadeForThis. So, if you’re in North Texas and have felt a little out of place and a lot out of sorts on Mother’s Day, please feel free to join me at Amazing Church. You’ll be in good company and no matter who you are and where you are on this life’s journey – YOU will be celebrated. Yes, Mom’s will be celebrated and babies will be dedicated but the celebration reaches much further than that. It will be a celebration of each of a #GoodGoodFather’s lovingly designed and #WellPurposed children.

So, this year, my level of dread around Mother’s Day has greatly diminished. I am looking forward to celebrating with my friends who have their Moms and their #PreciousChildren at their sides. But I am also looking forward to #CelebratingMe #JustAsIAm and the fact that I’m #SoVeryLoved by The Great I AM.

So….. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL!