Recommended Reading: “Are You Setting Boundaries Or Just Being Manipulative?”

The past year has been an intense year of strength, growth, and healing for me.  One of the things I have been learning is how to set healthy boundaries.  I’ve been shifting from a life-long pattern of people-pleasing to, instead, a life driven by God-pleasing.  (Which is a real good thing because what I am learning is that God is already pleased with me!).

My new found ability to set boundaries is giving me a new strength and lease on life.  But, as with anything, even strengths have a “flip side”.  As I am learning to live a healthy life, I must exercise caution and not allow the enemy of my soul to take a good thing (healthy boundaries to protect my ability to live out my calling, serve God, and love others well) to manipulation (unhealthy attempts at control simply to get my way and feed selfishness).

So, if you are also learning to set healthy boundaries – I strongly recommend that you click this link to read an excellent article by Leslie Vernick:  Are You Setting Boundaries Or Just Being Manipulative?

Becoming who I already am,
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