Turning Down the Noise to Hear God’s Voice


So, have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone who is “jammin’ out” to music in their headphones?  A bit challenging, isn’t it?  He or she may even make a comment directed at you, but they can’t hear your response even if you shout.

One of three things can happen in this scenario:
1) The person takes the initiative on their own to either turn down the music or remove the headphones so they can hear you and connect with you relationally.
2) You do what it takes to get their attention.  This may entail shouting, yanking the earbuds out of their head (not recommended), or waving your arms in their face or otherwise gesturing to get their attention.
3) After your voice gets raspy from shouting or you decide that whatever it is they’re listening to must be way more important to them than even acknowledging you’re in the room, you simply stop trying to communicate with them.

God has been showing me lately that sometimes my approach to Him doesn’t differ much from someone lost in their own “jam” while someone else is trying to share something beautiful and even life-changing with them.  I claim to want a relationship with God more than anything.  I claim to long to hear His voice.  But, at the same time, I may not take the steps necessary to silence the other voices and noises vying for my attention so that I can hear my loving Father’s voice. 

And although God and His perfect intentions are so very far beyond our human responses and reactions, it is very clear from both His Word and His demonstrated nature that there also comes a time in God’s pursuit of us that He will respect our choice to dance to music other than the beautiful song He composed just for us.  After futile attempts to get our attention, He may simply stop His specific communications to us altogether. 

I can’t imagine anything more heartbreaking than my own indifference or apathy silencing the song the very God of Heaven longs to sing to me.

So, let’s make this our prayer today: Sweet Heavenly Father, show me what it takes to silence any voices, sounds, or distractions keeping me from fully listening to and connecting with You.  In Jesus Name, Amen.


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