Instagram of the 1500s


Back in the 1500’s, they had to find creative ways to survive without posting on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Not sure  I would have done well. I might have been alright without some of the modern conveniences like TV and superfast transportation. But to try to survive without social media??  YIKES!!

But, they did have there ways around it. The Christian reformer, Martin Luther, was known for posting a list of 90-something things he thought were wrong with the church in his day on the door of the church. Apparently, for theologians, priests, professors, and seminary students of that time – the big wooden church doors were their version of twitter of blog sites where they posted questions, discussion, and opinion of things.

Came across a blog post about his list of ideas that changed the culture of religion in his day. It may be several centuries later, but some of his thoughts are still so relevant to the state the church finds herself in today. No, we’re not lining the pockets of priests and kings in order to pay for “get out of Hell” passes for loved ones who have died. But are some of us giving to get or trying to buy blessings for ourselves with our offerings or charitable acts? Just a little food for thought. Click here to check out the full article.

On Oct. 31, 1517, an outspoken university lecturer and Augustinian monk named Martin Luther posted a list of objections to the dominant Roman Catholic beliefs and practices of his time. Chief among his grievances was the church’s claim that Christians could buy their way out of punishment for sin — and thus shorten their time […]

via 500 years — some rain, some shine

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