Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Women

This is actually a re-blog from a post 3 years ago. But out of everything I’ve posted – my website stats show that this one continues to be the most searched and read.

Perhaps this is because traditional Mother’s Days gifts and greetings often exclude those who contribute to the nurturing and raising of many – but may not have their own actual children to show for it.

Whether you’ve spent the day with children and grandchildren, are estranged from your child and it breaks or heart, or if you’ve never been a mom in the traditional sense, the words in the blog below are for you. Who you are and why you do matters. Your impact and value exceeds anything you can imagine!


Original post from May 9, 2016:

Happy Mother’s day to all women! 

You might respond, “All women aren’t mothers”.  I beg to differ.  

One definition of “mother” describes the word as a verb meaning to “bring up with care and affection”.  

Yes, some women bring up children in the traditional “mom” sense of the word.

But ALL women raise up other people through mentoring, coaching, leading, and loving.  

So, beautiful one…. no matter what form your mothering takes – celebrate yourself and the powerful nurturing spirit your God and Creator lovingly breathed into you.

Happy Mother’s day… to YOU!

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