The Rhythm of Life – by Matthew Kelly

I was drawn to this book because I love the word “rhythm”. In fact, with my free-spirited personality (Enneagram 4 – if you’re into that), I use the word rhythm instead of the word routine because it sounds like so much more fun: dancing instead of creating order.

I’ve just started and I’m already captured by a couple of quotes – particularly ones about choices.

It’s way easier to play the victim than to own the impact of our choices.

But I do want to live an uncommon life. So it’s time to intentionally be the drummer – the rhythm maker – of my own life. That way, no matter how the song turns out – good, bad, or ugly – it is still very much my own.

And here’s the link to the book in case you want to check it out, too: The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion & Purpose

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