A Mother’s Day Confession

So…. I have a confession to make. In recent years I’ve not been much of a fan of Mother’s Day. You see, my beautiful Mother has been in Heaven several years now and my husband and I have no children. It’s not that we didn’t want kids – just never had any. Because of all that…. my typical take on Mother’s Day has been, “Please…. can we just get this OVER with. STOP already with the reminders of what I no longer have and what I’ll never be!!!”. But this year is different. I am actually looking forward to Mother’s Day. Let me tell you why….

God has been talking to me a lot lately about value and purpose – through my small group at church, through friends, through life circumstances – lots of different ways. And the main theme of His Father’s #HeartTalk to me has been that I am loved, valued, and have purpose not because of what I’ve done or haven’t done, who I’ve birthed… or haven’t birthed. But I am loved, valued, and have purpose because I am the lovingly designed masterpiece of the greatest Artist/Creator of all time – well, of all eternity, actually. And He created me to have just the right and needed impact in my place and space in the world. And that place and space may not look like what I envisioned it to be in my younger days (a house full of kids and running a mission hospital in some far away land) – but I am truly where I am now “for such a time as this” (Esther 4:14).

And, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the upcoming Sunday Worship Experience at my Amazing Church is based on that #BibleStory about #QueenEsther and themed #YouWereMadeForThis. So, if you’re in North Texas and have felt a little out of place and a lot out of sorts on Mother’s Day, please feel free to join me at Amazing Church. You’ll be in good company and no matter who you are and where you are on this life’s journey – YOU will be celebrated. Yes, Mom’s will be celebrated and babies will be dedicated but the celebration reaches much further than that. It will be a celebration of each of a #GoodGoodFather’s lovingly designed and #WellPurposed children.

So, this year, my level of dread around Mother’s Day has greatly diminished. I am looking forward to celebrating with my friends who have their Moms and their #PreciousChildren at their sides. But I am also looking forward to #CelebratingMe #JustAsIAm and the fact that I’m #SoVeryLoved by The Great I AM.

So….. Happy Mother’s Day to ALL! 

Happy Mother’s Day to ALL Women


Happy Mother’s day to all women!

You might respond, “All women aren’t mothers”.  I beg to differ. 

One definition of “mother” describes the word as a verb meaning to “bring up with care and affection”. 

Yes, some women bring up children in the traditional “mom” sense of the word.

But ALL women raise up other people through mentoring, coaching, leading, and loving. 

So, beautiful one…. no matter what form your mothering takes – celebrate yourself and the powerful nurturing spirit your God and Creator lovingly breathed into you.

Happy Mother’s day… to YOU!