Tired of always being “On Guard”?

Instead of self-protecting, rest your heart under God’s protection.

God Guarded

A friend just shared the beautiful truths of Psalm 121:7-8 on Facebook, so I just had to “pass it on!”

These verses also make be think of this awesome worship song by Planetshakers:

Grace, glorious grace, grace, glorious grace
At the cross, You called it finished
Grace, merciful grace, grace, merciful grace
At the cross all of my sin is

Covered, covered, covered by your grace, oh
Covered, covered, covered by your grace

Grace, beautiful grace, grace, beautiful grace
At the cross love everlasting
Grace, powerful grace, grace, powerful grace
At the cross all of my past is

No matter what I’ve done, no matter where I’ve been
No matter how I fall, You pick me up again
You have removed my shame, You take me as I am
You called me justified, now I am covered by your grace

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