“Spirit Break Out – Tear Our Walls Down”

This Sunday at Amazing Church, we are going to sing these words loudly as a prayer over our communities, our families, ourselves.

If you’re in North Texas, please feel free to gather with us in person:

300 Ridge Road
Mckinney, TX 75070

But, around the world, please gather with us in spirit by singing out the powerful prayer:

“Spirit Break Out – Tear Our Walls Down”

What If We Sang These Words With Our Lives??

“God, Your words – my mouth.
Your thoughts – my mind.
Your love – my heart.
Here’s all of me!”

The words of this song that my Amazing Church will be opening this Sunday’s Weekend Experience with are playing over and over in my head and heart. Imagine how different our world would look if we not only sang these words, but lived them.

The Enemy’s been DEFEATED: It Bears Repeating!!!

So, this is a slightly older praise song.  But some things – like the fact that the enemy of our souls has already been defeated – bear repeating!

Plus, I really like the arrangement and the video intro….  (“Shout Unto God” – Hillsong United, recordes LIVE in India)

Becoming (A More Healthy Version) of Who I Already Am

Part of the process of “becoming who I already am” is taking care of myself. So, I made a good choice to use my lunch break to get some exercise with a quick walk. And when I got back to my office and checked my phone, I was rewarded with a nice surprise: The perfect cool-down dropped into my Facebook feed! Thank you, REFIT Revolution! (Of course… my office door is closed and locked for this!!) I’m not typically the greatest multi-tasker, but this kind of multi-tasking I can do!  What an awesome combination: Workout + Worship!  My body & spirit are now better energized to tackle the rest of the workday! I challenge you to try it, too!  It doesn’t take long and is well worth investing a few minutes in YOU!