Mindset Matters: Weather Checks Before Running and Other Such Nonsense


Time to get back out and excercise. Wait… first, let me check the weather.

But for someone reason this morning I asked myself, “Why do I check the weather before I head outside to exercise?”

To be honest…  before these thoughts this morning my “pre-run weather checks” were really the time I took to find an excuse not to do what I need to do.  Evidence of this is the fact that I haven’t gone running in weeks even though I actually like to run and feel and function oh-so-much better when I do.  “Hmmmm….” go my thoughts, “It’s a little too hot or a little too cold. Wait!! Is that a raindrop?!??   Better wait for better weather!”

STOP IT, TRACY!! (And yes, I meant to use italicized all caps right there. Sometimes I need to yell at myself).  No more making time to find excuses. Of course I do need to check the weather. I live in North Texas. Within the same week I may need to wear rain gear, shorts and a tank top, or a parka. But my mindset for my weather check needs to be “How do I need to prepare for what I’m about to do?” instead of “Why I probably shouldn’t do this today.”

So, see you in a bit. I’m headed outside to become a better version of me. Join me??

LIFE Lessons From Along the Jogging Trail

sunflower walk

“You are the light that shines for the world to see. You are like a city built on a hill that cannot be hidden.” – Matthew 5:14 Easy to Read Version (“ERV”)


“God raised Jesus from death. And if God’s Spirit lives in you, He will also give life to your bodies that die. Yes, God is the one who raised Christ from death, and He will raise you to LIFE through His Spirit living in you.” – Romans 8:15 ERV

balloon rising

“So when we were baptized, we were buried with Christ and took part in His death. And just as Christ was raised from death by the wonderful power of the Father, so we can now live a new life.” – Romans 6:4 ERV

Becoming (A More Healthy Version) of Who I Already Am

Part of the process of “becoming who I already am” is taking care of myself. So, I made a good choice to use my lunch break to get some exercise with a quick walk. And when I got back to my office and checked my phone, I was rewarded with a nice surprise: The perfect cool-down dropped into my Facebook feed! Thank you, REFIT Revolution! (Of course… my office door is closed and locked for this!!) I’m not typically the greatest multi-tasker, but this kind of multi-tasking I can do!  What an awesome combination: Workout + Worship!  My body & spirit are now better energized to tackle the rest of the workday! I challenge you to try it, too!  It doesn’t take long and is well worth investing a few minutes in YOU!