Mindset Matters: Weather Checks Before Running and Other Such Nonsense


Time to get back out and excercise. Wait… first, let me check the weather.

But for someone reason this morning I asked myself, “Why do I check the weather before I head outside to exercise?”

To be honest…  before these thoughts this morning my “pre-run weather checks” were really the time I took to find an excuse not to do what I need to do.  Evidence of this is the fact that I haven’t gone running in weeks even though I actually like to run and feel and function oh-so-much better when I do.  “Hmmmm….” go my thoughts, “It’s a little too hot or a little too cold. Wait!! Is that a raindrop?!??   Better wait for better weather!”

STOP IT, TRACY!! (And yes, I meant to use italicized all caps right there. Sometimes I need to yell at myself).  No more making time to find excuses. Of course I do need to check the weather. I live in North Texas. Within the same week I may need to wear rain gear, shorts and a tank top, or a parka. But my mindset for my weather check needs to be “How do I need to prepare for what I’m about to do?” instead of “Why I probably shouldn’t do this today.”

So, see you in a bit. I’m headed outside to become a better version of me. Join me??

Becoming (A More Healthy Version) of Who I Already Am

Part of the process of “becoming who I already am” is taking care of myself. So, I made a good choice to use my lunch break to get some exercise with a quick walk. And when I got back to my office and checked my phone, I was rewarded with a nice surprise: The perfect cool-down dropped into my Facebook feed! Thank you, REFIT Revolution! (Of course… my office door is closed and locked for this!!) I’m not typically the greatest multi-tasker, but this kind of multi-tasking I can do!  What an awesome combination: Workout + Worship!  My body & spirit are now better energized to tackle the rest of the workday! I challenge you to try it, too!  It doesn’t take long and is well worth investing a few minutes in YOU!